At Huxley, due to the dedication of our staff, we are able to offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities after school, which further enriches children's learning and experiences. These clubs are run by the teachers, teaching assistants and outside specialists. They are chosen by the children and change on a termly basis to provide pupils with a broad range of opportunities. As we are dedicated to providing these opportunities, clubs are free of charge.


Quotes from children about clubs:

"I love block play because we get to build whatever we want." 

"Sports club is great. We have a laugh and a joke while learning new skills."

"ICT club is fun and it helps you learn things you wouldn't know if you hadn't done it." 

"Clubs are brilliant. I really enjoy all of the ones I go to because I get to do things that I enjoy outside."

"Getting together with friends for Outdoor Science is great fun. We get to do cool experiments like exploring the wildlife on the field."

"I enjoy it [Karate] because you're learning martial arts and self-defence."


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