Collective Worship

Huxley Church of England Primary School is a caring, inclusive Christian community where Worship plays a central role.  The Christian ethos informs everyday life at Huxley and we believe this is reflected in the relationships between all members of the school community where every person is valued.

Every school day concludes with an act of Christian Collective Worship.

"A tree is known by its fruit."

Matthew 12.33

Roots and fruits is the Christian resource package that we use to support our collective worship. It is rooted in Bible teaching and 12 Christian Values represent the fruits that grow as the teaching is lived out in everyday life. Each half-term focuses on one value (theme) which links with the season of the church year. The children are given opportunities to reflect on Bristish values, global events and their own rights based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

Services are usually led by a member of staff but, on most Thursdays, Rev. Lauras Rhodes of St. Peter’s Church, Hargrave visits to lead our worship. We also have regular visits from 'Mac' who brings along his guitar to bring our songs of praise alive!






Roots and Fruits

Led by Staff but children will start to help lead some of the worship assemblies from Autumn 2

Year A - Generosity

Year A - Compassion

(this will start in the last two weeks of A1 to allow for Christmas events at the end of A2)

Year A - Courage

Year A - Forgiveness

Year A - Friendship

Year A - Respect


Year B - Thankfulness

Year B - Trust

Year B - Perseverance

Year B - Justice

Year B - Service

Year B - Truthfulness

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