Weekly note EYFS


This week we have been looking at The Gruffalo's Child.

I n phonics we have learnt the diagraphs oo ar and or. We are learning to write all our sounds quickly, thinking about their size.

In maths we are using number lines to develop our understanding of subtraction.

We also went on a Winter walk to spot the signs of Winter and really enjoyed decorating our Christmas trees.


This week we have been doing activities connected to The Stick Man book. 

In phonics we have learnt the trigraph igh and the digraph oa. We are getting very good at writing sentences with these sounds in.

Maths wise we are looking at subtraction practically and developing this difficult concept.


We have continued to look at the Gruffalo and even found him in Delamere Forest! We have also learnt about Children in Need and learnt an anti-bullying message. Waving on the rickshaw, taught us that anything is possible! Our trip to Chester Zoo taught us LOADS about animals in the Rainforest. 

We are continuing to look at adding - beginning to use a number line to do this. In phonics, we have focused on ng ai and ee. These diagraphs will be in their packs for them to make words with at home. It would be great if you could send photos of them doing this at home.

Have a lovely weekend - they deserve a rest!


We enjoyed toasting marshmallows and having sparklers on 'Bonfire day' as well as making fruit rockets and doing glittery bonfire art and other activities.

The Gruffalo has been the basis of our activities this week - the children have really been imaginitive with their ideas. We especially enjoyed making up food recipes. Maybe the children could write a letter to the Gruffalo at home.

We are learning about adding in maths so whenever you get the opportunity to talk about this at home, please show it in context.

The sounds we have learnt are sh ch th so please make/talk about these sounds in your conversations.


The children have enjoyed looking at 'The pumpkin Soup' book this week. They made great cooks making soup for everyone after writing the recipe. Phonics has moved on to the diagraphs sh ch th ng - the children are really applying their knowledge well. We are especially working on encouraging the children to want to write and to enjoy their writing. You could do this at home by encouraging them to write secret notes to family members - hide them under their pillows maybe! In maths, we have introduced the add and equals signs this week and they have enjoyed making addition sums practically. Use anything you have to hand to make sums with - food on their plate is often a good one! The new ride-ons outdoors are very popular - it's great to see them tearing around!! Have a safe and happy half term rest - they deserve it!


I felt sooooo proud of the children at our Harvest service! In phonics we have learnt y, z, qu and the tricky words he and she. Please read the sentences in your child's bookbag to practise at home. In maths we are starting to look at adding using the part part whole model - doing addition practically.

The activities we have done in school have been based around the Rainbow fish as well as writing and posting letters to Mrs Sears.

Please remember to enjoy reading to your children and discuss what you have read with them.


This week in phonics we have looked at j, v, w and x. How many words can the children make using these sounds? In maths we have been looking at money and even made a shop where grapes cost £44! Please talk about money and maybe get them to use it to pay at the shops.

Don't forget to read all the time!


This week in phonics we have looked at: h b f/ff l/ll ss. I'm soooo impressed! Please practise making words with the letters we have learnt so far - the magnetic letters are in their book bags. The tricky words we have practised are: no, go, I.

We are practising to write c a and d using this vocabulary: c: pull round, push along the ground and flick a: pull round, push along the ground, straight up, down bump and flick d: pull round, push along the ground, straight up, on up, down bump and flick. They LOVE writing letters in the air using our magic wands.

We have done a lot of activities developing the concept of one more and one less in maths.

We've been finding out about Jewish people and synogogues this week and have also enjoyed a visit from Chester Zoo Rangers who taught us about rainforest animals and palm oil, The Done Room Pre-school who came to play, and our local Community Police Officer who talked about road safety and stranger danger. I don't know how we fit it all in!

We read every day with your children and to your children at school but it is really important that they have this practise at home too to develop a love of reading. Reading to your child is as important as reading with your child as this provides enjoyment of books, vocabulary development and a sense of how text is structured. ENJOY a special time reading with your child as often as possible.



The children have learnt the phonemes s a t p i n m d g o c k, ck, e u r, learning the phonics songs (which they love) and correct pronunciation.They have also learnt the tricky words: is in is at and the to, through a variety of games. Please practise these at home with the activity pack in your child's phonics folder in their book bag.

The letters we have practised writing are n m r and e. We like drawing them with our wands, then in glittery sand before using whiteboards and paper. Our writing is really neat!

In maths we have been looking at teen numbers and their composition of one ten and some ones. They particularly loved pretending to be numberblocks with the large numicon!

Our book focus is currently 'The Little Red Hen'. We have talked about different types of bread from different parts of the world.

They are also enjoying cosmic yoga! 

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