At Huxley CE Primary our aim is to create an enjoyment and understanding of the power of writing in our children. We will ensure that our children will develop the skills and the voice, of themselves as a writer, for pleasure and in order to further their independent learning. We will inspire this through our reading rich curriculum and environment supported by our ‘Talk for Writing’ approach. Throughout their school journey, they will be taught a wide bank of stories and texts which will help them to build and inspire their own writing.

The children will achieve this by:
 being introduced to stimulating stories which they will learn to retell
 being taught using quality, stimulating and challenging texts written by a 
range of authors
 having independent access to and enjoying a wide variety of further 
quality and stimulating texts of different genre and written by a wide 
variety of authors
 being taught the GPS skills used by writers
 providing real writing opportunities for a specific audience
 becoming independent, critical, life-long readers, writers and learners. 
 reading for pleasure
 writing for pleasure
Our children will: 
 write for enjoyment, confidently, fluently, accurately and with a voice
 use talk to stimulate, plan, share and refine ideas and writing
 employ a full range of GPS techniques to develop their writing styles
 write a wide range of fiction, poetry and non-fiction books.
 evaluate and redraft their writing
 develop a wide range of interesting and engaging vocabulary, through which 
they will engage the reader
 develop reading skills in conjunction with those of writing, so that they may 
function in society, as literate adults and writers for life.

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