Our Interim Executive Board



Gail Webb



Mark Whitehall

Duncan Haworth

Jane Owens


Clerk to Governors

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Key responsibilities of the IEB of Huxley CE Primary School

•To provide a strategic framework, within which the Headteacher and staff run the school, by setting visions and aims, establishing structures, setting priorities and targets for school improvement and agreeing policies.

•To support and challenge the work of the school through appropriate monitoring, and evaluating the impact of agreed plans and policies.

•To hold the Headteacher and staff to account for the performance of the school, and explain decisions made/ actions taken by the IEB to parents and other stakeholders in order to account for the school's overall performance.

The Headteacher is committed to involving the IEB in the life of the school, however the day to day management of the school remains the responsibility of the Headteacher.


Structure of the IEB

The IEB at our school is made up of members of the wider community. We have representation from the Church and the Local Education Authority. 

 We meet as a full IEB several times a term. The Chair of the IEB also meets regularly with the Head teacher.



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