Keeping Children Safe Online

Keeping safe online is very important. Children are taught about internet safety throughout their time at Huxley. The following is a guide to help parents know how to keep children safe online.

You can read the full guide for free by clicking here:

Parents and teachers frequently have questions about children using the internet and what they can do to safeguard their activity. We created the guide to help and we’re very proud of it and that's why many schools have already shared it with their staff and parents!

The guide includes chapters on: 

  • online gaming 
  • social media
  • advise on how to stop cyberbullying
  • Finding inappropriate content
  • online grooming and much more 

Sarah Crawley, Director of Barnardo’s Cymru said about the guide:

“Materials and websites like this can only add to our ability to protect and support children and young people in our ever-developing world of digital communication” 

You can help us spread this vital information and help children around the UK by sharing a link somewhere suitable on your website

If you have any questions about the guide, please feel free to get in touch 


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