At Huxley CE Primary we aim to ensure that children acquire a long-term, secure, adaptable understanding of mathematics. Our aim is to ensure pupils are secure in each element of mathematics before advancing onto the next. Due to the nature of our school offer, it is vital to ensure that the fundamental basics underpinning a good grasp of mathematics are embedded and secure before moving on.

Early Mathematics is crucial-these first few years of a child’s life are especially important for mathematics development. Research shows that early mathematical knowledge predicts later reading ability and general education and social progress. Conversely, children who start behind in mathematics tend to stay behind throughout their whole educational journey (Aubrey, Godfrey, Dahl, 2006).

In our school, we focus on promoting:

  • Small, coherent achievable steps throughout the lesson
  • Variation – a balance between conceptual and procedural understanding
  • Developing mathematical ‘agility’- seeing connections and links between learning
  • Fluency – application of efficient methods and flexibility in approach
  • Representation and Structure – use of a range of ways both to represent a concept or non-concept, and to expose structures

Strategies to achieve this-

  • Whole class/groups kept together
  • All children can succeed
  • Immediate on the spot intervention
  • Conceptual and procedural variation
  • Depth, not acceleration
  • Emphasis on the structure and connections (pattern spotting) within the maths
  • Concrete-pictorial-abstract
  • Talk partners
  • Rapid recall of facts


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