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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

Hi, my name is Cheryl Booth and I am the special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-Ordinator (SENDCo) here at Huxley Ce Primary and also at Tarporley CE Primary Schools.

I have been a qualified teacher for 30 years  and during this time I have gained a Mater of Education (M.Ed) and the National Award for Special educational Needs Co-Ordination.  I enjoy music and singing, the theatre and playing my flute in the morning worship group at my Church.  I also teach music classes to pre school children - when not at Tarporley or Huxley!

I believe all children can learn and I endeavour to build children's confidence and self-esteem in order for them to 'sparkle' and achieve.

I am currenlty working flexible times at Huxley, visiting weekly, should you wish to meet with me.

Important documents include:

Special educational Needs and Disability code of Practice: 0-25 years

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