Here at Huxley CE Primary School, we aim to ignite an interest of the past, seeing it as real, live and interesting. During the early years the children are introduced to the recent past, relating to the lifestyles or parents and grandparents in the local area. In our most recent topic we explored the past of Huxley CE primary as we uncovered a box of wonderful artefcats that help bring the past of Huxley School to life! We uncovered the well and looked at the original maps of the school buildings. For us it is important to bring hisotyr to life as much as possible.

As the children progress through the school they learn about significant people, events and places from both the recent and more distant past.  Children have the opportunity to ask questions and research answers for themselves in their history topics.  They learn about past events and that history can be seen by different people in different ways at different times.











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