Our School Aims

At Huxley C.E. Primary School, we aim to:

- Provide a caring, inclusive Christian community where all feel valued and secure.

- Share a vision and work in collaboration with all members of the school community towards a common goal.

- Enable every child to recognise and achieve his/her full potential so he/she can become a happy, confident and productive member of society.

- Provide time and individualised, creative learning experiences, both in the classroom and beyond, in response to the children's needs and interests, in order to develop enquiring minds and curiosity about the world around us.

- Develop the 'whole' child, nurturing social, spiritual and cultural understanding, to inform tolerance and instill strong Christian moral values which will guide each child's social conscience in his/her present and future choices.

- Develop confident children equipped with the skills and adaptability necessary to succeed in the modern world.


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